Knitting and gorgeous coloured yarn

Alegria sock yarn

This is probably completely the wrong thing to write about on my artist site but it’s my site and so I can do what I want. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been enjoying a bit of knitting in the evening. For some unknown reason I have wanted to challenge myself to knit a pair of socks, something I thought not many people did any more but surprisingly when I started exploring this on the net, I found thousands of dedicated sock knitters. Who knew? One blogger “Winwick Mum” had set up a “sock along” last year and had posted how to knit socks and a clearly written sock pattern which was downloadable free from her blog. So, I’ve been following this along with a very fluorescent yarn especially for socks which I bought in a local yarn shop. Sock number one is knitted and I’m just about to turn the heel on sock number two. So far so good. But then, I happened to find another yarn store in Oxford. and as I was in Oxford, I popped in. Wow! I was completed pulled in by all the colour ways that were available in lots of yarn but particularly sock yarn. I came home with the skein you can see in the picture and initially intended to knit another pair of socks with it. This is hand painted yarn and the wool is really, really soft, forget any preconceptions you’ve got about real wool being scratchy and itchy. This just isn’t. Anyway, it’s the colours that get me and that’s probably partly why I’m writing about it on my artist page. I’m considering knitting a small shawl with it or something similar to show off the colour changes rather than socks but haven’t yet decided. When I do, I’ll make sure and come back to post the results. It’s also got me thinking about how to incorporate these sort of colours into my art……

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