Knitting and gorgeous coloured yarn

Alegria sock yarn

This is probably completely the wrong thing to write about on my artist site but it’s my site and so I can do what I want. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been enjoying a bit of knitting in the evening. For some unknown reason I have wanted to challenge myself to knit a pair of socks, something I thought not many people did any more but surprisingly when I started exploring this on the net, I found thousands of dedicated sock knitters. Who knew? One blogger “Winwick Mum” had set up a “sock along” last year and had posted how to knit socks and a clearly written sock pattern which was downloadable free from her blog. So, I’ve been following this along with a very fluorescent yarn especially for socks which I bought in a local yarn shop. Sock number one is knitted and I’m just about to turn the heel on sock number two. So far so good. But then, I happened to find another yarn store in Oxford. and as I was in Oxford, I popped in. Wow! I was completed pulled in by all the colour ways that were available in lots of yarn but particularly sock yarn. I came home with the skein you can see in the picture and initially intended to knit another pair of socks with it. This is hand painted yarn and the wool is really, really soft, forget any preconceptions you’ve got about real wool being scratchy and itchy. This just isn’t. Anyway, it’s the colours that get me and that’s probably partly why I’m writing about it on my artist page. I’m considering knitting a small shawl with it or something similar to show off the colour changes rather than socks but haven’t yet decided. When I do, I’ll make sure and come back to post the results. It’s also got me thinking about how to incorporate these sort of colours into my art……

Week Eight – More flowers and a bit of Van Gogh

Flowers study

This week I have continued to work on flowers. Above is a pencil sketch of a bunch of flowers in a vase which had started to look past their best but I thought the withering leaves were interesting to draw and made different shapes.

Sunflowers after Van Gogh

A fun exercise was to do a copy of the famous Sunflowers painting by Van Gogh. As this is originally an oil painting and I had a small canvas available, I thought it would be fun to copy it in oils. I started by sketching in charcoal and then completed the painting in water soluble oils (something Van Gogh certainly never used). I had lots of fun with it and am actually really pleased with the result and it makes me want to try an original picture of flowers but in a similar loose style.

Week Seven – Flowers and plants

Daffodils pencil

This week I made a start on flowers and plants by doing a couple of drawings of daffodils. To be honest, I quite like the pencil drawing of the open daffodil and that came together quite easily but the one in partial bud was tricky to get right and I ended up rubbing it out a few times till the paper got too grubby and I gave it up as a bad job. Shame, but you can’t get it right all the time, I suppose.

Daffodils colour

So, having been working in black and white for weeks, I just fancied a bit of colour so pulled out the water colour pencils to do the second drawing. It’s not bad but when I looked at it again, it looked to me like the middle of the open flower was sitting on one of the petals rather than in the middle which put me right off. Neither of these pics will make it to my gallery. Hey Ho! We were away again at the weekend so I didn’t spend as much time as I wanted to or should on drawing this week and I’m very late posting this blog but as I sit here today, I’m just about to get my pencils out and get drawing.

Week Six – Back to pen and ink

backyard pen and ink 050216

I’m a bit late uploading a picture and blog for this week. I had a couple of challenges with picture sizes and the hosting space on my site, which I’m hopeful I’ve now resolved so I should be back to my normal weekly blog recording the progress on my art course. Phew!

So, this week I was working on my second assignment. The still life from last week and the pen and ink drawing here make up the two submissions which I will be sending into my tutor later today. The assignment was to do a pen and ink drawing of a garden, a back yard or a park of some kind. As it’s early February and we’re battling lots of winds and storms here over the last couple of weeks, I didn’t too much fancy spending lots of time out of doors. I did give it a go and walk out to our local war burial site but it was so cold, with no where to sit and my sketch book being blown around it wasn’t too much fun.

So, I ended up back in the warm drawing the view from my living room window. It’s not too inspiring at this time of year, the garden is pretty devoid of colour but the shapes and relative perspective of one thing in front of the other was pretty challenging. I’m reasonably happy with the result but it’s not a picture I’d put on my wall. Still, that’s not really the point at the moment.

I’m now about to move onto the next module which is on plants and flowers. I quite like drawing flowers so I’m looking forward to this week’s work. Let’s see how I get on.